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Facing unemployment, have recently got the sack or had your employment contract terminated . Have you faced discrimination, bullying in the workplace, harassed and require some assistance in protecting your employment rights? If the answer is yes we are experienced Employment Advocates based in Auckland and operate New Zealand wide can help.


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  • Redundancy / Restructure or Retrenchment
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  • Personal Grievance
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Employment Law and Redundancy Rights

If you have BEEN DISMISSED and feel that your employer acted unreasonably, or if you feel that you were forced out, then it is possible that you were the victim of unfair dismissal. If that is indeed the case, then you may be entitled to take an unfair dismissal claim to an Employment Relations Authority and be awarded compensation.

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What is unfair dismissal?

There are several instances where dismissal could be deemed unfair and they usually fall into the following categories: Your employer did not have a good reason for dismissing you. Your employer did not follow the correct procedure when dismissing you and/or acted unreasonably. You were dismissed for an automatically unfair reason, e.g. maternity leave.

New Zealand has very strong employment law legislation.  This employment law is unique to New Zealand and many international organisations and companies need to do research with our employment law.  The main Employment Law subjects of legislation are: –

Like employment lawyers we give specialist advice on employment law.